Our Tour Services


 Ghana presents a host of undiscovered attractions and a myriad unexplored destinations, many of which are in a rugged, virgin state. Through JANEES Adventure packages, you get to part-take in the mapping of hitherto ‘uncharted waters’ as you comb the country at a leisurely pace with little distraction. Your experienced professional guide takes you in and out of the nooks and crannies to give you all you need for a trip to last a lifetime of pleasant memories. If Adventure is your fancy, there are numerous packages to choose from when you contact us.


JANEES offers some of the most spectacular destinations (local and overseas) for newly-weds, and these cover all the regions of the country, depending on your tailor-made specifics, or whether you intend something we have carefully researched and packaged. Also available are explicit itineraries for senior couples celebrating many years of marriage as well as memorable, sentimental tours for reconciling partners coming back together in love and unity after time apart. Contact us for details.


The busy work schedule of many corporate organizations requires time off and away for employees in order to keep body, spirit and soul together. This restores health and vitality for extra and enhanced productivity. Also architectured to cater for incentives and Long-Service awards, our trips take clients to both local and foreign destinations, depending on choice. All said, JANEES recognizes the need to rejuvenate, even in the harshest work environment where deadlines and timeframes are top priority but extremely taxing on the spirit. Our Easy Payment Plan helps both Management and individual staff of companies to budget effectively for the benefit of all, family included. Arrangements involving minors are welcome. Contact us for details.


Our educational tour packages ensure that students from Primary through to High School (Polytechnics & Universities included) are exposed within the right areas to torpedo them onto the relevant developmental pedestals for growth and progress of self, home, country and God. Incorporating both local and international destinations, we arrange weekend, holiday and planned school-time tours to industrial, cultural and environmental attractions that help trigger off the desire in students to strive for positivity in every Endeavour. Foreign trips include Germany, Austria, The Vatican, Bangkok, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya South Africa, among others, while local packages cover almost all of Ghana’s 10 regions involving many themes. Contact us for details.